panaderia Albany

We just love pan dulce!

My love of pan dulce (Mexican Sweet Bread) all began every summer in California. My grandparents would give me and my cousins a few dollars to run to the panaderia to pick up some pan dulce for the night. Running to the panaderia and entering and smelling all those sweet smells had me so excited to pick out my favorite bread that only I could touch when I got home. El payaso or as others call it El Borraco this sweet and fluffy bread with a pink swirl topped with sugar and a sugar paste that was my absolute favorite to dye for. I know I know you're probably saying "it's not the quintessential concha?" No it was not but trust me that was second favorite on the lsit.  This is what I longed for so long once I moved to Albany until one day I got a text from my Abuelita and low and behold it was a picture of my favorite bread, I said enough is enough if there's no place here that will give me pan dulce I will make it myself!!